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Physiotherapy in Budapest

Are you suffering from constant back pain? Sitting down for a longer period brings you discomfort? Unsure about the typeof exercise or sport you should choose? Or you have already found your sport but you’re afraid of the possible injuries? It is time to find a physiotherapist!
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Even as a child, I’ve always imagined myself in a helping profession. I felt like the only way to be proud of my work would be to have a positive influence on the life of others. In high school, I found a passion for learning about the anatomy and biomechanics of the human body. A few years later, I was heading to Semmelweis University to study physiotherapy.
I started my career by working in the internal medicine and psychiatry departments of a hospital. Later, I worked in a physiotherapy clinic, specializing in spine medicine and sports rehabilitation. This is the side of physiotherapy that I found a real passion for.

Our modern lifestyle can be the root of many musculoskeletal problems.

In my work, I gathered experience in dealing with issues most common with office workers. I believe that the part physiotherapy plays in prevention („prehabilitation”) is just as important as treating current pain.
It can save a lot of trouble by assessing the possibility of certain injuries, so that we can prevent them before they occur. I learn manual therapy at Holisztikus Medicina Alapítvány. Using this method, I can assess and treat reversible changes in the musculoskeletal system. To fight acutepain more effectively, I also use taping and trigger point therapy, while cervico-cranio-mandibular therapy helps with jaw pain and cervicogenic headaches.
I attend regular physio trainings to keep my knowledge up-to-date so I can offer my patients an efficient and professional therapy.


– Semmelweis University Faculty of Health Sciences – Physiotherapy
– Kinezio tape therapy
– Trigger- and tenderpoint therapy
– Cervico-cranio-mandibular therapy
In progress
– Manual therapy (Lewit)

What exactly is physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy has many profiles and can help in a wide variety of disabilities and musculoskeletal problems. Physiotherapists in Hungary have to attend a 4 year long training program, so that we can treat our patients with a deep understanding of human anatomy and physiology. Starting with a full musculoskeletal assessment, the therapist will work out a treatment program to match the goals and expectations of the patient. Every case is unique, and it’s important that everyone’s therapy is tailored to their specific problem, personal anatomy, and goals and expectations.

I can help with…

Acute and chronic low-back pain
It can affect the muscles, joints, soft tissues of the lumbar spine or the sacroiliac joints. We can make long-lasting improvement with the use of manual therapy, stabilizing exercises and by making some changes to make your workplace a little more ergonomic.
Back pain
Back pain can have many causes, like bad posture, scoliosis, muscular imbalances of the neck and shoulder region, or even slight changes in the position of function of the ribs. Instead of just accepting the pain, we can fight back with some well-chosen exercises!
Neck pain
Thanks to the growing number of hours we spend with our computers and smartphones, the forward head posture, flattened cervical lordosis, and stiff neck is becoming a more and more prevailing complaint, as it can lead to a stubborn neck pain. Take steps before it becomes a bigger problem!
Cervicogenic headache
Reduced range of motion and muscular imbalances of the neck can cause referred pain to your head. It usually shows as a one-sided headache that runs from the neck to the forehead or the eyes. In this case, strengthening the deep neck muscles, stretching and improving the range of motion in the neck can help relieve the pain.
Poor posture
Rounded shoulders, a forward head or losing the natural curves of the spine are not only aesthetic problems but also harm the healthy biomechanics of your body, increasing your chances for arthrosis and herniated discs. Ask for a physiotherapist’s advice to stay active and pain-free!
Shoulder pain
Shoulder pain is often a result of changes in the position and biomechanics of the shoulder and scapula. This can be accompanied by clicking, popping noises and instability of the shoulder. The right exercises can help correcting the muscular imbalances of the shoulder complex.Physiotherapy can also help with rehabilitation of rotator cuff injuries, luxation or frozen shoulder.
Knee pain
The causes of knee pain are just as complicated as the anatomy of the knee itself. The problem can come from the soft tissues, like a strained muscle or ligament, or the wear and tear of the meniscuses, or even bursitis. Iliotibial band syndrome, one of the most common injuries among runners, can also be treated with physiotherapy.
Herniated disc
Herniated discs occur most frequently on the lumbar and cervical spine and can manifest themselves as a shooting pain or tingling sensation down the legs or arms, sore and weak muscles. Many patients still fear this diagnosis, even though most herniated discs can be treated with conservative treatment.
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I have never tried physiotherapy. What should I expect?

First session

Your first visit will include a complete musculoskeletal assessment, in which the therapist will take your full health and pain history, observe your posture and movements, and then work out a treatment plan. It is important to start the healing process as soon as possible, so your first session will also include some kind of treatment. Home exercises play a huge role in the therapy, so they are part of every session and should be done regularly. A session will last about 50 minutes.

What should I bring with me?

medical papers and diagnostic images (X-ray, MRi, CT scan) if you have them
comfortable clothing (shoes are not necessary at the first time)
a will and motivation to get better!


I welcome my patients in two well-equipped physiotherapy clinics, in Budapest in the district XI., near Újbuda-központ metro station, and in the district XII. next to Déli pályaudvar.
For elderly and housebound patients I can go to their homes, mainly in the district XI.

For how much?

The prices at the physio clinics: 7-12.000 Huf / 50 minutes
The prices depends on the location and the type of treatment.
Physiotherapyin the home of the patient (for elderly and housebound): It depends on the distance, type of therapy and length of a session, so it is priced individually according to a previous agreement.


I turned to Eszter for help with my rare, hereditary disorder and lumbar herniated disc problems, and we might have had more success than I expected. She was always prepared and gave all her attention, practicing the exercises until I fully understood how my disorder affects me and how I can use my body in spite of it. My herniated disc symptoms also withdrew and I was completely satisfied with her work and personality. I highly recommend working with her!
Csaba Dobos
Eszter is a conscientious and attentive physiotherapist. I used to have recurring low back pain for years, but thanks to her, it’s gone now. She also showed me some helpful exercises to work on my other problematic areas.
Kinga Géber
I’ve been doing a lot of sports since I was a child, really pushing the limits of my body. I wouldn’t have thought that even after years and years of kayaking and triathlon training the solution for my back problems was even more exercises. But it really matters what muscles I exercise and how. This is where Eszter helped me with giving great exercises that I can build into my daily routine and practice at home.
Eszter Iklódi


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I’m going on maternity leave from January 2022, so I am not taking any new patients starting form November 2021.

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I wish you a quick recovery!

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